Holographic 3D displays using nanotubes:
A new type of liquid-crystal device has been fabricated to generate a tunable, graded refractive index across the depth of each pixel.

Sony release new kind of prototype S3D display -click here for news

Jan 2010 The Hologram Company creates unique holographic images of full colour butterflies in motion

Dec 2009 The Hologram Company makes world's first holographic horse

Nov 2009 - THC shoots second Royal holographic portrait commission

January 2009 - The Hologram Company complete two major commissions at Shell Oil for their corporate headquarters.

1st November 2008 - Dream Cards expand their range with design and production from The Hologram Company

December 2008 The Hologram Company make worlds first holographic glass table

November 2008 - The Hologram Company builds the worlds most advance linear rail system for 3D image capture

September 2008 THC to lead international development team on major Hollywood movie

1st July 2008 The Hologram Company produces fine art lenticulars for Art London

1.5.08 incredible range of 24 animal images launched, including leaping Tiger:

Call the hologram company sales department for details 0845 051 1662

21.8.07 New Superliner To Be UKs Largest Floating Art Gallery

P&O Cruises commissioned artist Johnny Bull to design 52 large format lenticular prints to be showcased in the forward stairwell, as post-modern, giant postcards. New technology from The Hologram Company developed by Jeffrey Robb means that Johnny can create land and cityscapes in layers, featuring people from photographs of the places he has visited. Each image will be made from approximately 20 images that create an illusion of depth and movement.

07.07.07 the hologram company has just completed an incredible 3D and animated lift interior for a major UK company in central London.

Call the hologram company sales department directly for details +44 (0) 7905 199732

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